Center for Machine Learning Research, Peking University

Courtyard No.6, Jingyuan

Peking University

No.5 Yiheyuan Road Haidian District

Beijing, P.R. China 100871

TEL: +86 (0)10 6276-8630



From Beijing Capital International Airport

By Car: About 40-minute driving

By Subway:

1. Take the airport line first.

2. Transfer from sanyuanqiao station to line 10, heading to Taiyanggong direction.

3. Tranfer from haidianhuangzhuang station to line 4, heading to anheqiaobei direction.

4. Get off at the East Gate Station of Peking University (exit D), go south for 50 meters, and enter from the southeast gate of Peking University.


Zhong Guan Yuan Global Village

Zhong Guan Yuan Global Village is owned and managed by Peking University. It is mainly used for the    accommodation of scholars and foreign students. It is located to the east gate of Peking University campus.

Address: No. 126 Zhong Guan Cun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 6275 2288   Fax: +86 10 6275 2236


Lakeview Hotel

The Lakeview Hotel is located on the side of Weiming Lake in Peking University with its spacious and comfortable guest rooms, and a beautiful Courtyard Garden.

Address: No.127, Zhong Guan Cun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Tel: +86-10-8268 9999   Fax: +86-10-8268 9998


FX Hotel Zhong Guan Cun

FX Hotel Zhong Guan Cun is located at Zhong Guan Cun, known as the “Silicon Valley” in China. The hotel is designed to appeal to sophisticated travelers who look for convenience, comfort and service.

Address: No.68 North 4th Ring West Road (South of Haidian Bridge) Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: (China) 400 8200 868    (International) +86 21 6091 9987